Friday, September 12, 2008

DJ And Live Vocals

I have been a singer, entertainer with a live band for many years. About two years ago I saw the live band business in my area beginning to shrink. What with the drinking laws and now no smoking in bars, my business has significantly gone down. I started to do some dj work and I really enjoyed it. That gave me the idea to add some live vocals to what I was doing. I guess someone would call it Karaoke, but to me it is just a great way for me to continue entertaining and being able to sing and perform, which is what I love to do. I can do anything from oldies doo wop to Sinatra to Motown to Country. I don't have to worry about trying to get four or five other people together to rehearse, and agree on something I want to do. Also it gives me the ability be more mobile, versatile and affordable. If you are interested in what I am blogging about, and maybe need someone for your wedding, party etc., I will be happy to talk with you. I hope to be able to add some pic's and more information about myself and also about our live band, Nostalgia gold. For many years I worked as Mickey & Larry and the Exciters. We played Vegas, Tahoe, and pretty much traveled everywhere. You can google Larry Alltop, or Mickey Larry and the exciters and check out some of the history. I have many pictures I hope to add, when I learn how to do that. This is my first blog, so this is kind of interesting for me. I, at this point am not really sure anyone will see this.